Not Recognized?


Have you ever been in a situation where you had to do something phenomenal and beautiful, that also required you to expend a lot of energy and effort and at the end of it all the credit goes to someone else? I do not know how many of us have been there, but even if you haven’t experienced it personally, you know how you feel and sometimes scream when you’re watching a movie and there’s a scene where that happens….you, cringe, scream, hiss….you’re angry on behalf of that individual….Traitoooooor!!!!! You literally scream at the individual who was indeed a part of such a great project but should not have taken all of the glory for it. One thing describes the emotion of the individual who goes through such an ordeal of not being recognized and that’s PAINNNN!!!! It hurts deep within. Here are a few questions these individuals ask  themselves:
  1. Why wasn’t I recognized?
  2. Did someone omit my name?
  3. Wasn’t it clear that I did my part?
  4. Was someone trying to sabotage my efforts?
  5. Did I offend someone? And so on and so forth.

A lot of things go through the minds of individuals who for some reason or another go through stuff like this. Like my Pastor, Pastor B would say, ‘Sometimes God would send Angel Gabriel to remove your name. For some reason, your name doesn’t end up there and you’re like ‘Whaaaaaaat????’ Many times He just wants you to put your trust in Him’.  And in cases where Angel Gabriel wasn’t sent…looool, God is still able to restore and do so much more.

So what was the motive behind this write-up? A similar circumstance happened to me and even before it did, I suspected that it would. How? I can’t really say that I know. When I found out that something like that had happened, I was soooo upset. I began to sweat profusely and couldn’t think straight. But why???? I had to go to God. I told Him I was really upset. I couldn’t even sleep properly that night. I didn’t want a root of bitterness to spring up. The next day during my quiet time/Bible Study, I was actually in the Book of Psalms which I had been reading for the past one-month plus. I just drifted to the next chapter and I added two more chapters that day and that made me read Psalm 75 and I strongly believed that verses 6 and 7 addressed my circumstance. It reads, ‘For promotion cometh neither from the east, nor from the west, nor from the south. But God is the Judge: He putteth down one, and setteth up another’.

I don’t know about you but this Scripture spoke clearly to me. I felt strongly that God wanted me to let it go. Do not fight this one out. He is Judge. He is the one who promotes people and He knows where to find us at the right time for promotion. All you need in this life is a set up from GOD the Father. He setteth up another. And you’ll notice that in such ‘setups’, no amount of personal efforts or referrals can match up with (like Pastor Cornelius Lindsey would say) when God’s hand is upon you. All your own personal efforts can’t match up. Why? Because there has been a set up by God Himself. You will no longer be looking for where to put your name but you will be careful of where your name even goes because you know Who you represent and what value you bring in. You’re now known for excellence.

So what do you do until that time? Give thanks. This situation should spur you to hone that skill and gift and to be diligent. God is the one who sets you up. And He knows when you’re ready. And to be ready you have got to prepare. Meet you at the finish line where the crown of glory from the King of Glory awaits us.

Cheering you on to greatness in Christ,

Mary Atalor.

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